About Us

The HRC is a member of Road Runners Club of America RRCA. We are set up as a nonprofit organization, where all proceeds beyond those required to manage the organization or events are donated to a charity agreed upon annually.

The HRC was set up to promote and encourage running as a local fitness option.  The HRC is located in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  The group covers the spectrum of runners from walkers just starting to seasoned Boston Qualifiers.  Our Long Runs (5 - 22 miles) start Saturday mornings from Drakes Creek Park, at 7:00 AM (Nov thru March) and 6:00 AM (May thru October).  The club is well suited to help members and associate members achieve their running goals. Toward those ends, the HRC promotes, conducts and supports local races or other running activities; disseminates information on running; makes awards; offers management guidance to thru group runs; and does related activities with other local organizations. We help build and train for marathons, half marathons, 10ks, 5Ks  and assist triathletes in the running portion of their training.

No fees, no rules, just the desire to run and help "Build Friendships in Motion" . We are people who like to run and do it with others.


The HRC follows closely the bylaws, club governance  and management guidance of the RRCA.  The BYLAWS

Club Management

President and Chief Runner - Heidi Casey BQ, Vice President - Randy Smith BQ, Treasurer - Dave Casey, Marathon Training Coordinator - Joanne Riddick and Doug Boomer BQ, Secretary - Susanne Shanteau, Web - Jonathan Freeman other Directors - Forrest Wise. 

Participant Waiver

I know that participating or volunteering in part or all of the Hendersonville Running Clubs (HRC) activities including group runs, and sponsored races is a potentially hazardous activity, which could cause injury or death.  I will not enter and participate unless I am medically able and properly trained.  By participating I certify that I am medically able to perform the activity, and am in good health, and I am properly trained.  I agree to abide by any decision of club officials relative to any aspect of my participation, including the right of any official to deny or suspend my participation for any reason whatsoever.  I assume all risks associated with running, including but not limited to: falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity, traffic and the conditions of the road, wearing of headphones, running with your dog and the use of baby strollers, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. I understand that bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates or roller blades, animals, and headsets are not allowed by the RRCA who insures the HRC. I waive any liability to the HRC should these be used by myself. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the HRC, the city of Hendersonville, Goodlettsville and Nashville, sponsors, and their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in the club, even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver.

Privacy Policy

The HRC follows closely the privacy policies laid out by the RRCA,  The HRC Policy.

 Contact Information


Hendersonville Running Club
170-D East Main Street
Hendersonville, TN 37075


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